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At its basic core, quality in manufacturing means that we can deliver defect-free products to our customers. At SEP, we see quality as a process driven function that enhances our operations to ensure reliability and consistency, increases trust and credibility, and also optimize price by reducing the cost of lost labor hours or scrap metal resulting from deficient quality.


ISO 9001:2008 is an international standard for a Quality Management System. SEP is also ISO/TS-19649:2009 certified. This Technical Specification intended for the automotive industry supply chain allows us to provide for continual improvement, emphasize defect prevention and reduce variation and waste.

SEP works with suppliers and associates who also have ISO and TS certifications that put us at an advantage in assuring you world class products that consistently match your finished design requirements.

Trained Professionals & Structure

SEP has 8 employees dedicated exclusively for quality. Their scope includes enforcing and ensuring that international standards are monitored and met as well as ensuring supplier conformance to certification standards.

Standard processes & Culture of Quality

Our standard procedures and operations were set up from beginning with prior knowledge of Internationally acclaimed Quality systems and processes. Because they were introduced at inception, our operators, engineers and workers know it as the only way to work.
  • Operators measure and record dimensions and maintain pre-control charts & SPC for critical dimensions.
  • Machines are checked and certified for process capability.

  • Incoming quality inspection (raw materials, vendor parts)
  • Line inspectors verify process throughout the shift
  • In-process gauging (cylindrical grinding machine).
  • Shift wise first sample and last sample are verified.

  • Facility to capture SPC (Statistical Process Control) data for critical process
  • Corrective action is set up as a process and tracked
  • Final / Finish inspection carried based on sampling plan

Machine Capability

Although the Automotive Industry has been the most demanding in terms of Quality and Precision, we are capable of delivering products and components for many different applications. Please review a list of our Machines and capabilities under the Infrastructure Section, and further details, highlights and capabilities under the Products & Machines section.

Quality control instruments & guages

Our state of the art equipment ensures ongoing quality and consistency. Even when producing non-automotive components, we utilize the same principles and exacting international standards for quality, cost, compliance and tight operations as the automotive sector demands.
  • Profile projector
  • 3D co-ordinate checking machine
  • Carbide Slip Gauge set for internal Calibrations.
  • Surface Table
  • Height gauges
  • V Block
  • Electronic/ordinary Air gauge units
  • Roughness Tester
  • Vickers Hardness Tester
  • Rockwell Superficial Hardness Tester

Shop floor controls

The commitment to quality begins on the shop floor with the daily discipline and conscious awareness of each of our workers. We have developed several standard practices:
  • Work instruction for every process
  • Daily shift meetings
  • Quality Alerts (based on customer feedback)
  • Extensive data collection for productivity, tool life monitoring, defect analysis
  • Incoming inspection (vender audit)
  • Operator self inspection, line inspection and final inspection
  • Pre-control charts on the shop floor.
  • Statistical process control tools employed extensively on the shop floor

Trust, Reliability and On-Time Delivery

By working together as partners with a joint focus on Quality, SEP aims to consistently provide the greatest value to the customer at the lowest cost. We aim to take a genuine interest in the welfare of our customer’s companies and our every action considers the impact on the customer. Through such trust we aim to realize the full potential of our relationship with each of our customers.