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SEP owns two plants on 2.5 acres of land in the Sipcot Industrial Area in Hosur, Tamil Nadu, India. Two shop floors of 27,000 square feet house 67 machines.
“I must compliment you on your excellent housekeeping.
It is hard to tell that the plant is as old as it is". - ISO 9001: TS 16949 Auditor

Machine Capabilities

SEP has a range of machines and the diversity of operations possible make us a versatile company. We can machine, mill or produce any metal part up to 3kgs of weight per unit. Although the Automotive Industry has been the most demanding in terms of Quality and Precision, we are capable of delivering products and components for many different applications. Whatever be the final shape or tolerance of the component, SEP India can step in at any stage to give you the precise specification of components you need. We can deliver both high-volume as well as highly customized, low volume components. Please view further details, highlights and capabilities under the Products & Machines section.

  • 22 CNC Turning Centers (9-Axis & 5-Axis Citizen Machines, High precision, Hard Parts)
  • 10 Cylindrical Grinding machines (high accuracy, good surface finish)
  • 9 CNC Turn Mill Centers (Sliding Head machine)
  • 3 Centerless grinding machines (high volume, high accuracy, good surface finish)
  • 4 CNC Vertical Milling (VMC - die machining, profile milling, hole making, rigid tapping with good surface finish & close tolerances)
  • 4 Drilling machines
  • 4 Horizontal Machining Centers
  • 3 Rolling machines (spline rolling, knurling, thread rolling, serration rolling)
  • 3 Tapping machine (helical & pitch controlled)
  • 1 Induction Hardening machine (45 KW - through & case hardening)
  • 1 Broaching machine
  • 1 Shot Blasting Machine
  • 1 150 KVA Generator
  • 1 250 KVA Generator
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Associated Suppliers & Partners

We have expanded our in-house capabilities through trusted and vetted relationships with several other companies. These strong relationships increase our flexibility to accommodate customer contingencies. Some companies may offer you excellence in forging but then leave you to handle the detailing of finished and machining. Others may promise to do the complete job for you never give you the assurance of a truly professionally produced, precision-made products. We simplify your procurement by offering you the strength of our totality of operations.

  • Heat treatment (through hardening, induction hardening and case hardening).
  • Trivalent nickel passivation, zinc plating and chrome plating.
  • Hot & Cold Forging
  • Die Casting
  • Additional CNC Turning, Traub, Cutting
  • Reliable raw material suppliers (Steel, Brass, SS, Aluminum, and others).

Testing & Laboratories

SEP has certified in-house capability for a range of Quality testing (as outlined in the Quality Section), as well as Crack testing. Additionally we also have a support system of Third Party NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories) Accredited Labs. Our incoming raw material undergoes 100% metallurgical testing upon arrival.

Human Resources

“Employees are highly motivated. Even the most
junior operators had a high degree of knowledge
of the customer requirements and productivity needs.
They are very engaged when talking about their work.” - ISO 9001: TS 16949 Auditor
The company has created a culture of knowing and caring for our employees. Senior management is accessible and engaged with employees. All Managers are directly engaged on the shop floor and offices are within the production plant. Employees earn monthly recognition and monetary awards for performance, attendance and productivity. All employees wear a standard uniform and eat meals together (provided free of charge) without hierarchy. Annual surveys of employee satisfaction evidence happy employees.

Of our ~150 employees across 2 plants:
  • > 20 have been with us for 10+ years
  • > 20 more have been with us for 5+ years
  • ~5 have been with us for 15+ years / since inception
  • ~30 Contract employees
  • ~15 Fresh hires each year
Differing experience levels are normalized with ongoing training in scientific strategies that are considered industry best practices and have been outlined in the Quality Section.